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You better know than us what brings more value to your business. Use our CMS to rapidly edit your chatbot design and scenarios. Use our chatbot app to build customizable scenarios using data collection, forms, date selection etc... Food delivery, restaurant or events booking... install in 1 minute the chatbot on your site and start helping your clients.

Custom scenario

Be creative. Chatbotbrain helps you to design the most ambitious sequences to interact with your online users

  • Improve online visitors engagement with our smart chatbot. Build a powerful service and get notifications directly on your mobile.
  • Your visitors can book a meeting, ask a question, answer a survey, rate your website, ... possibilities are infinite. You can build some complex scenarios from booking a taxi to experience ratings.
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  • Export leads
  • Unlimited leads to find
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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our product?

When you buy our product, you will get a full access in Unlimited to the product and will have no limitation about using the features or leads captured.
Since you report us a support question we try to make our best to find out what is going on, depending on the case it could take more or less time, however a standard time could be minutes or hours.
At any time you can connect on your dashboard and pause your subscription. You can also delete your credit card and cancel your subscription at any time.
Yes! Invoices are automatically created once you upgrade on the product or each month when your subscription renews automatically.
Yes, you can contact us to let us know your needs. If your suggestion represents any value to both we can include it as a part of the product. Please note it could take some time in order for the feature to be implemented.