ChatbotBrain is the best tool to easily build an online chatbot 

Chatbots are tools allowing online users, prospects and clients to be able to ask a question, order a service or book a meeting.

ChatbotBrain's possibilies are endless!

How does it work?

The ChatbotBrain can answers questions from your users and provide confirmations after getting their data. Chatbotbrain offers a chat bot solution that can be integrated into an e-commerce website, but it could also be direclty shared through a link. Companies can use ChatbotBrain to create an unlimited number of bots.

Simply customise your chatbot on



Then create your own chatbot scenario:



Improve your acquisisiton channel with our smart chatbot tool. You can for example offer a service for delivery, or a way to download documents after collecting some user's info!

Spread a positive and innovative image of the company to attract new clients: Give answers to users about a product or service, provide an innovative tool  for after-sales service!

You can also use our chatbot tool to provide some information and content, advise and direct the client to a product or service.

Are you a doctor? Offer to your online visitors a way to book for an appointment using ChatBotBrain.

Get new business leads and filter customer requests: You can also give answers to the most requested queries.

ChatbotBrain is an useful tool for generating and qualifying leads

ChatbotBrain will help sales team to collect useful information and facilitate the lead generation. 

All conversations are an exchange of information. Chatbots are a simple and natural way to collect data and information about users. Once you have data about your users, it's easy to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Just use conditional statements when sending a message.